Dacia Logan

Dacia Logan

Dacia Logan
5 Guests
5 Doors
Baggage x4

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Category: EXMR
Diesel motor
Car stereo
Minimum age: 20 years old
Year of minimum permit: 2 years
Franchise accident: 1650usd
Franchise Flight: 1650usd
Security deposit: 1650usd
A car that has the trunk! For family travel, enjoy the space of these economical cars.

Policy & Terms

Age and Driving License:
When taking over the vehicle, you must present a national driving license in
validity. The permit must be Moroccan, European or international.
The permit must have at least a 1 of validity.

The driver named in the contract must be over 20 years old, his valid license must have a minimum of 2 years of service. This must be justified by the original documents.

Only the drivers mentioned in the rental contract are authorized to drive the rented vehicle.
In the case of a second driver, the latter must fulfill the same conditions as the first. His presence at the time of contract is mandatory.

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